ES(Ethylene-Propylene Side By Side)component fiber
Application-Nonwoven fabric

Nonwoven fabric series

Use the ES(Ethylene-Propylene Side By Side)component fiber making process, the minimum weight of the fiber can reach the 1.5 denier of the current mainstream, with uniform curling, good shape, high stretch and resilience, good combing and no cotton.

Features: fluffy and soft feel, suitable for making the surface layer of paper diapers / sanitary napkins (hydrophilic and water repellent), suitable for a variety of hot air cloth production technology, improving the stability and production speed of the cloth surface, and greatly improving the performance of hot air non-woven fabric and the texture of cloth face.

Application-Fluffy cloth/Plush core

Sanitary materials series

Use the ES(Ethylene-Propylene Side By Side)component fiber making process and without fluorescence treatment, the product is widely used as sanitary material in the fluffy fabric and core structure of the diapers / sanitary napkins.

Product features: good roughness, good curl shape, high resilience and strong collusion, which can greatly improve the carding and stability of the production process of the fluffy cloth and core, and raise the energy saving. Enhance the fluffy properties of fluffy cloth and support the core structure.

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